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What is the difference between traditional Real Estate Firms and Sewell Realty Group? 
Traditional Real Estate firms charge 5%-6% commission rates to sell your home. They typically have large expensive office buildings with administrative staffing. Sewell Realty Group is a streamline model, with low overhead. Our agents work from home offices to keep your costs low. We use the MLS and the independent real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc) to cost effectively market our listings. The difference between Sewell Realty Group and traditional Real Estate firms is the commission rate!

What is the MLS and will it help sell my house?
The MLS is the data base used by all Realtors to list and search for homes. The MLS is also the source used by Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and other independent real estate websites to obtain their data. The MLS is invaluable in getting your house sold. It is only available to Realtors. The MLS is where Realtors search for homes and set up searches for their buyers. If your house is not in the MLS, the majority of buyers will not know it is for sale.

Will Sewell Realty Group represent me during contract negotiations?
YES! This is included in our Traditional Full Service program. We bring many years of  experience selling residential real estate to help you get the best terms and price for your home. (Does not apply to Limited Service listings)

Are there any other fees after you list my house?

There are no additional fees required with the Traditional Full Service listing. The seller is responsible for providing measurements (from a licensed appraiser) or the seller can pay an additional $100-$150 (depending on size of house) for a professional home measurement.

Do you supply a sign and lock box?
Yes, we will supply a lockbox and professional sign for all of our clients.

How do I receive offers from Realtors
With the Limited Service Program, instructions will be placed in the MLS for Buyer Agents to contact you directly to discuss and negotiate an offer.

SRG will receive and review terms and make counter offers for our Traditional Full Service listings. You will be consulted before any counteroffer, acceptance, or rejection is made.

How are showings arranged?
The Triangle MLS has an appointment center that will contact you when an agent wants to show your home. You and your Listing Agent will discuss the rules for showings at listing time. If your home is vacant, you may want a simple text message or phone call notifying you of the showing. If your home is occupied and especially if you have pets to be removed, you may want to set it up with an “Appointment Only” status. Agents will not be allowed to go until you have given a specific approval for the date and time requested.

How long will it take my house to be listed after I sign up?
Your house will be in active in MLS within 24 hours of receiving all paperwork, photos, measurements, and payment (if signing up for the Limited Service Program).

Which program should I choose?

The Limited Service Program is intended for experienced Home Sellers, Attorneys, Mortgage Lenders, & Real Estate Agents who are not members of the Triangle MLS. The Traditional Full Service Marketing Program gives you the most help without the Traditional high commission and hidden fees. Our agents have many years of experience with these legal documents, and know what terms are common and not common in this area. Real Estate Agent/Brokers go through an extensive education process to become licensed. We are required to attend continuing education each year. All of this is to protect you, whether you are a buyer or seller.

Do you do home staging and decorating?

No. We can suggest a professional staging and decorating company to help you prepare your home for pictures and showings.  If you are interested in this service let us know and we can set it up for you.

Why Do I need My Home Measured?

The Triangle MLS requires a square footage measurement for every listing. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission states that “the square footage must have been specifically determined in connection with the current transaction” (NC Real Estate Manual 2017/2018 pages 228 and 229). They also published guidelines on how to measure a home.
We are not allowed to use measurements from tax records or previous listings. It is quite common for the Tax Records to be incorrect, as they usually come from builder plans and permits.
Occasionally, a home owner will turn an attic or basement into living space. It is important that we advertise your home with correct information.

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